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How Wearing A Mask Helps Prevent The Spread Of COVID 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, it is vital to take necessary action in order to flatten the curve of the disease. The notion of wearing a mask has caused widespread debate throughout the country. Many are skeptical of the fact that wearing a mask can help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. A systematic review of 172 studies found that wearing a mask significantly reduces the spread of the virus.

There are two main reasons to wear a mask. The first reason is to protect the wearer, however, the second and more important reason is to protect others. The virus can spread through coughs, sneezes, and even by talking. The mask prevents people from inhaling these contagious droplets. The CDC even recommends that those who feel healthy should wear a mask as many who have the virus are asymptomatic. Those who do not show symptoms are still able to transmit the disease to others. Those who are ill can spread the virus the two days before they show symptoms.

The level of protection depends on the kind of mask worn. The highest level of protection comes from the N95 mask which is designed to fit tightly around the nose and mouth in order to block small airborne particles. While these masks are reserved for healthcare workers, there are other options that can still dramatically reduces one’s chances of contracting COVID-19. KN95 masks also provide a high level of filtration and are a bit easier to attain. 3-Ply surgical masks are also an option as they block out about 75 percent of respiratory droplets. Finally cloth masks provide the least amount of protection, however, they are the easiest to attain and can still block out 30 to 50 percent of respiratory droplets.