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Dallas County Businesses To Mandate The Use Of Face Masks On Premises

Dallas county commissioners voted 3-2 on Friday morning in favor of the decree that requires all businesses to use face masks on-premises. Businesses that do not comply with the order can face a fine of up to $500 per violation. Businesses have been given a deadline of 4 days starting today to come up with a health plan that emphasizes the safety procedures to be followed by both customers and the employees. There are some exceptions to this decree such as masks are not required to be worn while getting screened at the bank or working out outside while maintaining social distancing.

During a meeting defending the new decree, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said, "In talking to the health community, they're telling us that this is the most important thing we can do to save lives, arrest the spread and help keep businesses open." Despite the decree being put into motion foreseeing the increasing cases of COVID-19, some local businesses fear that this new decree might affect their economy negatively. COVID-19 has already caused so many businesses a miserable dip in the economy and another hit would only worsen their situation. On the other hand, Judge Jenkins mentioned he is confident that each business that cares about its employees and customers will find the right policy for their establishment. Along with that statement, he also stated that any business in need of guidance on how to craft their health policies can reach out to his office at